Speak English Fluently with Our Method!


Speak English Fluently with Our Method!

A good command of English is 80% effective conversation, grammar is only 20%.

In ten years of teaching languages, I have reached the conclusions that most of my English learners are very intelligent. Still they are far from speaking with confidence or being fluent in English. Most of them are professionals having various fields of expertise: doctors, lawyers, engineers, accountants, psychologists etc.  Many of them are very successful in their jobs and in their businesses.

So why do so many professionals failed to speak English powerfully despite the fact that they had attended different English courses at different language schools?

There are two answers to that question:

  1. ineffective methods used in language schools
  2. deficient psychological approach of teachers

Firstly I will talk about methods. As we all know, the grammar and textbook methods used in schools are terrible. Very few people will learn to speak English easily if they use those methods. That is why I developed a conversation- based tutoring system. It is a system designed to help you speak and understand real English.

Secondly I will refer of psychological approach in terms of:  motivation, energy, confidence and emotions. When learning English, the psychological approach of the teacher is very important.

Learning a new language will quickly give results only when teachers and language trainers master the psychology of successful conversations. This is a solid method for students and learners to come up smiling at the end of a course!